Drag Race: Dodge Challenger vs. Kia EV6 GT

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You gotta love a good ole American muscle car drag race, am I right? Nothing gets the motor running like a showdown between a wicked-fast Dodge Challenger and a futuristic electric Kia EV6. This race was specially designed by the gearheads at Edmunds to test out acceleration, braking, handling – the whole enchilada. They called it the U-Drag, and it pits the sinister, blacked-out Dodge Challenger Black Ghost against the zippy new Kia EV6 GT.

Let’s break down these bad boys before we get to the nitty-gritty.

The Challenger Black Ghost is one sinister machine. It’s named after a legendary 1970 Dodge Challenger that used to prowl the streets of Detroit back in the day. Dodge built this special edition Last Call Challenger by starting with a Hellcat and dropping a supercharged 6.2L V8 under the hood that cranks out a whopping 807 horsepower and 707 lb-ft of torque. With a beefy V8 like that, the Challenger can rocket to 60mph in just 4.6 seconds and complete the quarter mile in 12.4 seconds at 121 mph.

Now that’s fast, but this new Kia EV6 GT is no slouch. It’s one of the latest electric vehicles made for straight-up speed. It generates less power than the Challenger – 576 hp and 545 lb-ft of torque. But here’s where the Kia has an advantage: all that torque comes on instantly with the direct drive AWD system. So while the Challenger is big and burly, the Kia is nimble and has instant power delivery to all 4 wheels.

When it came time for the actual race, that instant EV torque was the difference maker. The Kia EV6 GT blasted to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds and ran the quarter mile in 11.8 seconds at 120 mph. The Challenger might have a faster top end and stick better in the corners at 1.21 G, but it just couldn’t reel in the Kia off the starting line.

Now if this was a longer drag race, the results could flip. That lighter, more powerful Challenger builds speed like a freight train. It was gaining fast on the Kia by the time they had to slam on the brakes for the U-turn. Too bad for Dodge the race wasn’t a quarter mile longer!

This really was a clash of old school vs new school. The Challenger Black Ghost conjures up images of outlaw street racing in the 70s. The Kia EV6 GT represents the future of electric performance cars. And on this day, the future beat the past by a fender.

But you gotta tip your cap to Dodge for cooking up these wicked cool Last Call special editions as the V8 motors ride off into the sunset. And respect to Kia for making EVs exciting. This U-drag race really showed off the instantaneous torque and handling that makes the EV6 GT special.

So what do you think? Was the Black Ghost robbed? Or did the EV6 earn the victory fair and square? I gotta side with Kia on this one. Electric torque is just too nasty off the line. But a longer race could tell a different story. Let me know what you think! Would you take the demonic Dodge or the futuristic Kia?

Either way, we as motorheads won by getting to witness this old vs new showdown. Battles like this U-drag really stoke the flames of rivalry and innovation. Maybe next time Dodge will cook up an even crazier electric or hybrid Challenger that can give Kia a run for its money. The golden age of gas may be fading, but the future of speed still looks bright to me!

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